The burgeoning demand for quality healthcare in India is posing a unique challenge.

While on one hand, easy access to information on healthcare protocols has made patients more aware of their rights, the majority of the healthcare providers, on the other hand, are not up-to-date with the healthcare laws applicable to medical practice.

The result? A sharp rise in cases of medical negligence.

‘MedLegal Updates’ is built to address this challenging issue. It is a platform for doctors, hospital administrators, and other healthcare providers to deliver much-needed information and knowledge on laws relating to medicine, in a non-legal language and de-cluttered format.

The information and knowledge on medical laws is constantly updated and delivered in various formats such as videos, blogs, and advisories.

All it requires is a one-time free registration / sign-up to access the latest and credible information on medical laws. Another unique and useful feature of this platform is that healthcare providers can get their doubts cleared on general laws relating to medicine.